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About Me

I believe that healing from pain and moving into great health requires a strong team effort. Clients come to me with tons of different types of physical pain that prevent them from enjoying life. I bring many different skill sets to the table. Then we decide together in each session what fits best for quick results at that moment.

We will check in at the beginning of every session, noticing how and what you are feeling in your body.

Based on that conversation, we move on to either massage techniques or yoga therapy techniques, or even both.

I use massage techniques to help you feel where your body is holding tightness. I use yoga therapy techniques to also help you feel where your body is holding tightness.

Then I can teach you how to reduce the tightness your body feels through simple yoga poses, gentle movements, meditation, mantra, breathing, self massage and restorative practices.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

I also teach workshops in order to give you more information than we can fit in one session.

I use aerial yoga as a way to connect to pure fun and to build strength and confidence quickly.

These sessions, workshops and classes are really designed to teach you to be your own self-care advocate.

We take time in each session to identify where your pain is actually coming from and then our work really begins. You may be surprised that the spot where you’re feeling pain is not the actual cause of your pain, so our work together is to figure this out.

My job is ultimately to teach you how to feel and connect to your own body so you can be pain free and live better.

Joshua McGirk

Joshua McGirk

You can expect homework to move yourself out of pain and then into more strength and suppleness.

While this work and homework may be intense and somewhat uncomfortable physically and mentally, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get out of pain and then make serious progress to wellness.

Just an FYI, I currently do not take insurance clients.