Welcome to Confessions of Inappropriate Yoga Teachers (#CIYT)! We're really glad you're here. This is a place where Mona Warner and Josh McGirk (also called Mosh McWarner) talk about all things yoga, massage, Ayurveda, running a business and more. We're posting our chats based on the lunar cycle, so you'll see a video come out on the new moon and the full moon of every month. We may get adventurous and add some bonus content at crescent moons and such...

All video content is located on Patreon, so if you're interested in listening, head here - https://www.patreon.com/ConfessionsCIYT

Here's what we're talking about for the next few months;

  • February 18th - two launch episodes, interviews with Josh and Mona
  • Video of introducing Mona - https://vimeo.com/317044190
  • Video of introducing Josh - https://vimeo.com/317055034
  • March 2nd - Episode 2, Vata Derangement
  • March 5th - Episodes 3A and 3B, Practice with Siobhan McAuley and our reaction to this episode
  • March 20th - Episode 4, Yoga vs Yogic Business - an interview with Siobhan McAuley
  • April 4th - Episode 5, Spring and Kapha season (we have dance moves)
  • April 18th - Episode 6, Grief
  • April 27th - Episode 7, Containership
  • May 4th - TBA

Be on the lookout here, in my biweekly emails, on social media (Facebook and Instagram), Patreon and on YouTube for more details.