20/20/20 offers the best of all worlds!

We start with a twenty-minute cardiovascular segment, where you build up a great sweat as well as some fantastic leg strength.

We follow that up with a twenty-minute weight segment, designed to quickly strengthen and tone the upper body.

We finish the hour out with another twenty-minute segment for balance and flexibility.

You get all these awesome fitness components in one short hour!

It’s your one-stop shopping, sort of like fitness for the short attention span. Just when you’re feeling done with one segment, that’s exactly when we move on to another segment.

Here’s the best part, every segment is full of options to push you at any fitness level! You get to go to the cardio level you want, lift the weight that feels best for you, and stretch the way you want.

This class is great for anyone, but is especially suited to folks who are starting to get into the fitness thing, are recovering from an injury or are just plain crunched on time.

Remember, space is limited to five people per class, so you get personalized attention every time!

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