Plant aromas have been used for ages as a way to combat disease, promote relaxation, increase blood flow, heal trauma and stimulate emotions. Essential oils are distillates of flowers, fruits, trees, resins and more. These oils are either applied to the body in a lotion or oil, or diffused through the air in steam.

Have you ever had a memory triggered by the smell of freshly baked cookies? That’s how aromatherapy works! The finely distilled fragrances are captured by the nose and directly translate to a deep part of the brain as well as the lungs. The brain relaxes thoughts and the lungs transport the fragrance to the circulatory system, hence the muscles, nerves, tendons and such to relax the body. It’s almost magical!

These oils can be combined to energize, center or relax the body and mind or be used for more specific therapeutic applications, such as pain management, tissue regeneration, and digestive tonics.

Looking for some examples? Lavender oil relaxes, peppermint energizes, and bergamot centers. Blending essential oils expands their effect and can create some lovely aromas at the same time.

Aromatherapy is a $15 add-on service to any massage offered at JLM Therapeutics, so remember to ask for it when you sign up!