Be the Change

October 3 2018

Russell and I are back from a long Europe trip, which was really nice, quite a luxury in fact. We planned it over two years ago, as a graduation gift for me finishing my yoga therapy program. Little did we know at the time that would involve selling High St Healing House, which allowed us to pay for the entire trip. There were definitely some bittersweet feelings during our vacation, especially as we talked to my friends about all that has changed for us over the past few years.

At the same time, I had some intense nostalgic moments, seeing familiar places from about twenty years ago, chatting with familiar faces, and getting a great gift in the form of a time capsule. My friends Patrick and Helga had saved some postcards, letters and concert blurbs from 1994/1995 for me, and Sabine had some pictures of a ski trip we went on. Talk about blasts from the past!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but talking to people about what I was going through in selling the healing house ended up motivating some of my clients and friends to look at what really makes them happy and to start making changes of their own.

Examples are always good, aren’t they? A few weeks ago, a long-term client and I were chatting during a session about her back and neck pain that have been chronic. She’s also noticing how a rental property of hers can tend to be a pain in the neck and can feel like a really heavy load. For her, these two things may be connected, and as she looks at the possibility of selling the rental property, there’s more excitement, ease and support in her face and body. She could even start planning a trip to the east coast for herself that she’s been talking about for a long time. She said she was motivated to start thinking of this as possible because of what I went through.

I have another client who has recently been seeing me in collaboration with her psychotherapist because she’s feeling a lot of pain and disconnected from her body. As we work through some small movements of her legs and arms, she is able to connect her movements to her feelings and make some really tremendous gains. She says she is moving better, she feels stronger, and she feels lighter. The two modalities actually have helped out synergistically, which she never expected. She also mentioned that she started toying with the idea of seeing me because of the emails I sent out talking about what I was going through. They motivated her to take the first step to change her circumstances.

It’s spilled over into my family as well as my sister is starting some big change in her life. She and I have been talking about what it would take for her to live her life more authentically, in a way that really makes her happy. It’s frightening, don’t get me wrong, to take that first step toward what you feel is your right direction. I so get this! She’s realized how much she has been tolerating, and once the current situation became intolerable, she made the decision she’s been considering for a number of years. She already feels better, just in making her decision and taking a baby step toward it.

It’s really cool to see how all of this is unfolding.

How does this relate to you though? Maybe it’s about sharing your story with others about how you’ve made changes, or it’s about sending a note out to the person whose story helped you make that little direction shift in your life. Whatever it is, I’m excited we’re doing it, being the change we wish to see in the world. Thanks for that quote, Gandhi.

Becoming Unconsciously Competent

September 19 2018


Remember this image from a few months ago?

We definitely want to work toward being unconsciously competent in our lives, for sure. From my recent trip to Europe, I noticed that I really want to be competent in language, and already have a pretty good proficiency in French. I have less competency in Spanish and German, and practically none at all in Italian. We were on a cruise ship for eight days, and every announcement was made in five languages. It was awesome, and I loved hearing so many different languages in one place!

When we stopped in three different Italian ports (Cagliari, Roma and Savona), I noticed how I use my French like a battering ram for the other romance languages. Instead of listening and learning the rules for Italian, I just pulled out my French and English rule books. I realized I was super uncomfortable with how incompetent I was with Italian, so I started over-compensating with the other language skills I had.

Now don't get me wrong, this served me pretty well. I could converse with shop keepers, get a fantastic espresso, and ask for directions, sort of. Yet I remember from past language courses that we need to just learn the new language rules from a child's point of view. It's like the Buddhists' Beginner Mind, especially if we really want to learn and be proficient.

So this got me thinking about massage and yoga therapy. I have a client who came in with back pain and she wanted to really build a strong core, as she had heard that this was the best way to relieve back pain. We discovered pretty quickly on that she washing her neck, chest, ribs and arms for all sorts of movement. She realized she was unconsciously very competent in using her upper body. She had to step back and explore a little bit of the beginner's mind to learn how to not use that skill set. Once she learned this, it was pretty amazing how quickly she gained core strength and reduced her back pain (in two weeks between our sessions). Then she started to notice how she was overusing her upper body in so many other parts of her life. She's gotten stronger in squats, lunges, pushups and more. It's equally awesome!

So, my question to you is, where are you overusing a competency, because it's uncomfortable to explore beginner's mind? I so look forward to hearing about it. We can commiserate!