Aerial Yoga Master Class

January 20 2019, 2-5pm
Aerial Cirque Over Denver 8964 E Hampden Ave Denver CO 80231

Have you ever wanted to take your yoga practice into the air? Have you seen Aerial before, and thought you could never do it? Well, here’s your chance to just play, and realize you’re stronger than you ever imagined. You can do it! No yoga or aerial experience needed. You’ll be surprised how fast the time passes and how quickly you want to do it again.

This class is partnered with Yoga Teachers of Colorado (YTOC) as a continuing education course for yoga teachers who want to learn more about aerial yoga. The workshop is free to YTOC members.

We take a basic all-levels yoga class and move some of the poses into the air. We'll build some good upper and lower body strength as well as self-confidence, as you'll be able to do more than you ever thought you could in such a short time!

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Anatomy Three Day workshop

Oct 26-28th, 2018
Meet Me at 33rd, Salt Lake City
$799 regular price

Come join me in a three day workshop looking at anatomy, kinesiology and yoga philosophy blended together to get you moving better and really enjoying your yoga practice. We’ll include hands-on adjustments and palpation to up your anatomy game. This course is part of Yoga Asset’s 500 hour yoga teacher training. However, no previous anatomy experience is required to join the course.

Day one focuses on the feet, ankles, shins, knees, thighs, and pelvis. We introduce some kinesiology principles and move through a simple yet not easy yoga practice. We look at how the human body moves in standing and folding yoga poses. Then we layer the bones, joints and muscles on top of those movements. It's important to feel movements in your own body and then see those movements in someone else in order to really learn and retain information.

Day two focuses on the spine, ribs, core and head. We review kinesiology from day one, apply it to the new body parts, and move through a more complicated yoga practice. We look at how the body moves in twists, side bends and back bends, as well as explore breathing. Then, like day one, we layer bones, joints and muscles on top of these movements.

DDay three focuses on the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders and shoulder blades, and connects the parts together. We integrate the information from days one and two in an upper body yoga practice. We look at how we move in arm balances, inversions and upper body strengtheners. Then we layer the anatomy language over our experiential learning, and review the full body.

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Workshop Options

Aerial Yoga Master Course/Teacher Training

Nov 16-18, 2018, 9am-6pm
Aerial Cirque Over Denver 8964 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80231

We’ll spend three days together moving through aerial yoga practices in aerial silk fabric and hammocks. We’ll talk about movement, anatomy, kinesiology, philosophy, yoga history and aerial equipment rigging to increase your knowledge and help you incorporate more aerial into your practice. This class is great for anyone who wants to learn more about aerial yoga, such as yoga teachers, aerialists, yoga studio owners and anyone who enjoys aerial yoga.

DDay one includes an introduction to and history of aerial yoga, a 90 minute practice focusing on the legs and pelvis, anatomy and kinesiology of the lower body, aerial pose breakdown and practice time for aerial locks and binds.

Day two reviews day one material, and introduces aerial rigging, how to set up insurance, liability and waivers, additional pose breakdown, and anatomy and kinesiology of the torso. We have another 90 minute practice that focuses on twists, side bends and backbends.

Day three reviews days one and two material, and then builds on. We have a shorter yoga class that focuses on upper body strength before practice teaching with a student who has no aerial experience. Then we finish pose breakdown, and review anatomy of the upper body. We discuss teaching tips, the benefits and contraindications of aerial yoga, and business marketing to build a consistent class following.

Each day includes 60 minutes for lunch. Course includes a 130-page color manual with aerial silk and hammock apparatus images.

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