Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

What exactly is this thing called yoga therapy (YT for short)?

YT is a great way to reduce pain and get the body moving better. It addresses this in three simple ways;

  • Movement – how does your body move, and is it moving optimally?
  • Stillness – how does your body respond to being still?
  • Breathing – is your breathing smooth and fluid on its own, in movement and in stillness?

How is YT different than massage?

Massage uses hands on techniques to show you where your body is holding tension that may be under your radar.  It relaxes and heals the body through an external application of pressure. You’re generally under a sheet on a massage table here with relaxing music playing to take your attention somewhere else. This is someone else working on you to help heal the troubling area.

YT generally uses hands off techniques to have you move your body in ways that best release or reduce tension or pain.  Then it applies stillness and breathing techniques to help you recognize your body’s intrinsic wisdom. It relaxes and heals through your own internal muscle work. You’re generally in yoga or fitness clothing, doing small, focused movements that are either standing, seated or lying down. This is you being guided to do the work yourself to help heal the troubling area.

60 minute session - $80
90 minute session - $120
120 minute session - $160