Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga lets you take your yoga practice to the air. It’s a liberating experience where you’ll realize you’re much stronger than you think.

For information on aerial yoga master classes and three day teacher training courses, please check the Workshops tab.

What can you expect from an aerial yoga class? No need to bring a mat, that’s for sure.

The class starts with a gentle yoga warm up on the floor and then moves into standing poses (think Warrior and balance poses). After warming up, there’s plenty of time in the fabric itself. You’ll definitely work upper body strength, and the silks make inversions delightful and pretty easy. Each class ends with relaxation, breathing and centering so you feel your best as you head out.

All levels are welcome. You don’t need any yoga or aerial experience to have a great time. Do bring water and a snack, as you'll be surprised how much you're going to work during the class. You'll definitely train your core... from laughing.

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I began taking classes from Josh while I was struggling in my personal world. This was such a beautiful way to both connect to myself, and to release negative energy from my body. It is such a beautiful expression of self while connecting to my innermost thoughts and needs. Josh creates a safe, healthy, supportiveenvironment focused on healing and energy, not form or other obstructions to creating a more healthy body. He is a wonderful teacher and a blessing to those who experience his learning space.Jen B

Was privileged enough to be enrolled in the Aeriality YTT. Learned how to incorporate the ancient wisdom of yoga to aerial arts, sequencing, and rigging to name a few. Left feeling empowered every time!Lauren B