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Welcome to the Have a Ball 30-day movement challenge!

Here’s where you get started. The intro video is a quick discussion of what you’ll need for the next four weeks. 

I would suggest setting the same time aside each day to do your movement challenge. Really, it’s max 15 minutes. You’ll notice more changes with consistency. 

Then you pick which of these videos to watch, grab a ball and follow along. They’re less than ten minutes each, and they focus on the feet and lower legs. 

If you miss a day, it’s no big deal. The yoga police will not stop by your house. Just jump back on the bandwagon the following day. 

If it ends up being more than one day that’s missed, check out if there’s a better time to be sitting down to your challenge and commit to that new time. 

I’ll be following up with you each week to see how it’s going and how we can maximize the movement benefits so you feel great by the end of the month. 

Next week, you’ll have access to three more videos, so you can do these three and then three more, or try the new ones next week by themselves. 

I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing! 

You have a total of 45 days to complete the material, after which all interviews are available on Patreon.com/JLMTherapeutics for you to review at your leisure.

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