Sports Massage

Sports massage, as the name suggests, is a therapy designed for high activity people. Depending on the sport you will be playing there are different areas to treat both pregame and postgame. Pregame massages focus on limbering up the body through stretching and increasing range of motion to decrease your risk of injury. Postgame massages can either be deep tissue recovery or Swedish style maintenance to push out lactic acid build-up and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

There are a number of modalities that Sports Massage Therapists use. Below are descriptions of a few that I offer.

Ashi-Thai Massage

Not your traditional Thai massage at all! The therapist uses their feet and legs to put you through some pregame stretches to lengthen muscles, increase range of motion and assist in preventing event injury. You get to stay fully clothed here (loose fitting clothing works best), so it’s also a great technique for someone new to massage styles but looking for a passive stretch, like a private yoga class.

This modality is great for pregame massage and for postgame maintenance if you have another event coming up quickly.

Active Isolated Stretching/Strengthening (AIS)

AIS is a form of bodywork that asks you, the client, to initiate the movement for a stretch or strengthening exercise and then I, the therapist, take you a little further into the movement. It’s a great modality to increase range of motion around a joint as well as break up scar tissue (new or old) and speed up recovery. Good news here, you get to stay fully clothed (loose fitting clothing works best).

This modality works very well for pregame massage and for postgame recovery.

Total Body Balancing

This technique uses a combination of passive stretches and positional release to increase joint range of motion, release myofascial constrictions (connective tissue), relax muscles and in general balance the body. You get to keep all your clothes on, and it’s almost like being rocked to sleep. It works well for pregame massage as well as general relaxing bodywork.

Make sure to specify pre or post game styles as they do differ in intensity.

60 minute session - $80
90 minute session - $120
120 minute session - $160