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A Simple, Gentle Way to Reduce Pain & Get Your Body Moving Better

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you unable to enjoy the activities you love because your body doesn’t move the way it used to or the way you want it to any more?

Living with pain and restricted movement is not only uncomfortable—it can zap the joy out of life and it’s exhausting.

Yoga Therapy can help you turn that around. It’ll help you reconnect with your body in a gentle way that leads to reduced tension and pain, improved mobility, and a sense of empowerment to live the life you want.

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%COMAPNY% Yoga Therapy

What exactly is this thing called yoga therapy (YT for short)?

YT is a simple and powerful way to reduce pain and get the body moving better. It starts by asking three questions;

How does your body move (is it moving optimally or is it compensating somewhere)?

How does your body respond to being still?

Is your breathing smooth and fluid on its own, in movement and in stillness?

It sounds simple, right? Well, these three questions or pillars of YT help you feel more deeply into what’s really going on in your own body. The answers to these questions get us to where you really are and from this place, you can make some quick and tremendous progress.

YT generally uses hands off techniques. You get to move your body in ways that best release or reduce tension, pain and compensatory strategies.  Then through stillness and breathing techniques, you feel and recognize your body’s intrinsic wisdom. YT relaxes and heals you through your own internal muscular work.

Come to the session in yoga or fitness clothing. We use the body map to determine where to start. We do small, focused movements that are either standing, seated or lying down. These small movements train your stabilizing muscles to better support the large joints of the body, the shoulders, the spine and head, and the hips. When these larger joints are more stable, the smaller joints like the elbows, wrists and hands, knees, feet and toes, can move more freely and with less pain.

I feel that my job in yoga therapy is to teach you how to do the work yourself to help heal the troubling area(s) by really tuning in to your own body.

%COMAPNY% Yoga Therapy

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