COVID-19 Updates - So here's what you can expect when you're coming back to my office for treatments

  1. the waiting room will be closed to prevent gatherings (possible transmission vector) and you are asked to either wait in your car or the building lobby until your scheduled appointment time
  2. I ask that you come to your appointment wearing a face mask (handkerchief, neck gator, t-shirt, neckerchief, bandanna, etc) covering your nose and mouth, and wear face covering during the duration of your appointment
  3. I will meet you at the door to the suite wearing my own face mask, with a digital thermometer to record your temperature. Any patient with a temperature above 100 will be sent home, the session will need to be paid in full, and you will be asked to quarantine yourself for 14 days
  4. We will wipe down any and all office surfaces that may have been touched with antibacterial wipes at the end of your appointment as a service and guarantee to any and all other patients coming in (knowing this service was provided to and for you by a previous patient)

Building maintenance is taking care of the shared restrooms and building entrances. However, I still suggest hand sanitizer and washing your hands once you're home.

If you have any virulent symptoms within 48 hours of your appointment, please reschedule by texting or calling me. We will reschedule at minimum two weeks out.

My approach – I believe that healing from pain and moving into great health requires a strong team effort. My job is ultimately to teach you how to feel and connect to your own body so you can be pain free and live better.

What makes me different – I work with people who have pain rather than working on the pain that someone feels.

I also work with a holistic and whole-istic approach, looking at the whole body and identifying the support it needs in this moment to reduce the pain you’re feeling. I’m not interested in people coming to me to fix them so they can continue to do what it is that puts them in pain in the first place.

What you can expect – I do not claim to fix you. You are at the helm of your own health and wellbeing. I expect you to show up, be willing to participate, and seriously want to get better.

You may be surprised that the spot where you’re feeling pain is not the actual cause of your pain, so our work together is to figure this out.

You can expect homework to move yourself out of pain and then into more strength and suppleness.

Primary benefits of


reduces muscular tension, helps joints move better, improves circulation, reduces stress.

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increase knowledge, improve self care routines, reduce burnout, build a healing community

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These sessions, workshops and classes are really designed to teach you to be your own self-care advocate. They quickly get you out of pain and into moving better than you ever thought possible.

Here’s what some of my clients and students have to say about working with me.

From the Anatomy Intensive in Salt Lake City - Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about the human body, I learned a tremendous amount about the way I live my life. I had such a fun time learning anatomy. I already knew I loved this subject but Josh made this subject fun and accessible. I feel personally connected to Josh. If that wasn’t his intention, it was a lovely side effect! I feel like I may have found a new opening into another way of seeing my life and my role in it. Thank you so much! Megan L

Just an FYI, I currently do not take insurance clients.