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Men's Online Pelvic Floor Conference (MOPFC)

Program starts June 1, 2019 and runs throught the 30th.
Cost $100, registration opens May 1 and closes May 31 2019.

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I'm excited to bring this topic to the floor (pun intended). There's not a lot of discussion out there about men's pelvic floor health. I was diagnosed with mild left and right lower abdominal hernias in 2017. I wondered why surgery happened to be my only suggested and medically referred course of action. I was in Functional Synergy's yoga therapy course at the time that was talking about women's pelvic floor health, specifically pre- and postpartum. I know we humans have basically the same pelvic floor anatomy, so I made a supposition that men could heal in a similar way to women. I started a year long process of meeting with various practitioners in order to heal my own hernias. Then I decided to interview some of these same practitioners to bring this information to men who are experiencing all sorts of issues "down there", like prostate issues, colon issues, hernias, vertebral disc herniations, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's Disease, low testosterone and more. I am bringing these interviews to you, in hopes that you, my fellow guys with issues in your tissues, have access to as much information as I did and you can make a really educated decision on what your next step is in your healing process.

I've interviewed a chiropractor, an Ayurvedist, a pelvic floor therapist, a movement therapist, two acupuncturists and a sex therapist. I'm also including some basic pelvic floor anatomy lessons, as well as my approach as both a massage and yoga therapist, and some breathing techniques from my experience as a yoga teacher for over fifteen years.

It's some great information that you'll have access to for the whole month of June. You can ask all the questions you'd like. You get an email every Sunday in June with links to content videos and resources from these videos. Week 1 focuses on the physical pelvic floor. Week 2 focuses on diet changes that have been proven to help with the pelvic floor healing process. Week 3 takes it to a deeper level, looking at what else is going on around us that may be stressing us out and not letting us heal as quickly as we'd like. Week 4 talks about sex, which is a big part of a functioning pelvic floor.

Contact me if you're interested in registering, or look for the PayPal button to go live May 1, 2019. You have just one month to sign up!

Have a Ball online 30-day self care program

Next course offering TBD, check back for details
Cost $100 (4-payment plan available)

Here's a 30-day online program that looks at how to do self-massage with a tennis ball (or racquetball, air hockey ball or even golf ball). Each week you get access to three videos that focus on different body parts like the foot, the shin, the diaphragm, the shoulder blades. You also have access to a secret Facebook group where all class participants discuss what you've noticed and how to build more time into your schedule for self care. It costs about the same as one massage, and you get thirty days worth of bodywork and you build a customized program to move you forward.

Yoga Alliance, IAYT and NCTMB continuing education hours available with successful completion of the program.

Anatomy for massage and yoga enthusiasts 30-day online program

Next course offering TBD, check back for details
Cost $240 (3-payment plan available)

Are you looking for an awesome online anatomy program that includes muscle palpation and more of a feeling approach to learning bones, joints, movement and muscles? This online program has twenty four video clips that cover the major body parts. You also have access to a secret Facebook group where all class participants discuss your discoveries, ask questions and post ahas.

Yoga Alliance, IAYT and NCTMB contenting education hours available with successful completion of the program.

Yamas and Niyamas online study

Next course offering Jan 2020
Cost $240 (3-payment plan available)

The Yamas and Niyamas are an awesome yoga philosophy tool, and are the first two steps on the yoga path. They're sort of the Ten Commandments of yoga. The Yamas focus on how to deal with others, and the Niyamas focus on looking inward. We'll spend one year in a secret Facebook group delving into each of these tenets. Each week starts with a short reading assignment and a question to ponder. Each week ends with all participants posting their short ahas and commenting on others' responses.

It's definitely an intense study, and a big time commitment. Check out what past participants have to say about it.

In Person Workshops

Anatomy Three Day workshop

2019 dates to be determined, check back for more information
Meet Me at 33rd, Salt Lake City
$799 regular price

Come join me in a three day workshop looking at anatomy, kinesiology and yoga philosophy blended together to get you moving better and really enjoying your yoga practice. We’ll include hands-on adjustments and palpation to up your anatomy game. This course is part of Yoga Asset’s 500 hour yoga teacher training. However, no previous anatomy experience is required to join the course.

Day one focuses on the feet, ankles, shins, knees, thighs, and pelvis. We introduce some kinesiology principles and move through a simple yet not easy yoga practice. We look at how the human body moves in standing and folding yoga poses. Then we layer the bones, joints and muscles on top of those movements. It's important to feel movements in your own body and then see those movements in someone else in order to really learn and retain information.

Day two focuses on the spine, ribs, core and head. We review kinesiology from day one, apply it to the new body parts, and move through a more complicated yoga practice. We look at how the body moves in twists, side bends and back bends, as well as explore breathing. Then, like day one, we layer bones, joints and muscles on top of these movements.

Day three focuses on the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders and shoulder blades, and connects the parts together. We integrate the information from days one and two in an upper body yoga practice. We look at how we move in arm balances, inversions and upper body strengtheners. Then we layer the anatomy language over our experiential learning, and review the full body.

I suggest Key Muscles and Key Poses of Hatha Yoga by Ray Long, Yoga Mat Companions also by Ray Long, and Anatomy and Asana by Susi Hately. Head to the Shop page to purchase any or all of them. I reference these books throughout the entire anatomy workshop.

I also suggest Paul Grilley's Anatomy DVD, Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy, Donna Farhi's The Breathing Book, and Nicolai Bachman's The Language of Yoga to deepen your yoga anatomy knowledge. Head to Smile.Amazon to order books and also to support a local non-profit of your choice.

Click the PayPal button or email me at to register.

Aerial Yoga Master Course/Teacher Training

Check back for 2019 training dates
Aerial Cirque Over Denver 8964 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80231

We’ll spend three days together moving through aerial yoga practices in aerial silk fabric and hammocks. We’ll talk about movement, anatomy, kinesiology, philosophy, yoga history and aerial equipment rigging to increase your knowledge and help you incorporate more aerial into your practice. This class is great for anyone who wants to learn more about aerial yoga, such as yoga teachers, aerialists, yoga studio owners and anyone who enjoys aerial yoga.

Day one includes an introduction to and history of aerial yoga, a 90 minute practice focusing on the legs and pelvis, anatomy and kinesiology of the lower body, aerial pose breakdown and practice time for aerial locks and binds.

Day two reviews day one material, and introduces aerial rigging, how to set up insurance, liability and waivers, additional pose breakdown, and anatomy and kinesiology of the torso. We have another 90 minute practice that focuses on twists, side bends and backbends.

Day three reviews days one and two material, and then builds on. We have a shorter yoga class that focuses on upper body strength before practice teaching with a student who has no aerial experience. Then we finish pose breakdown, and review anatomy of the upper body. We discuss teaching tips, the benefits and contraindications of aerial yoga, and business marketing to build a consistent class following.

Each day includes 60 minutes for lunch. Course includes a 130-page color manual with aerial silk and hammock apparatus images.

Click the PayPal button or email me at to register.


You rock! Thank you for your language and authenticity. I’ve found a new voice to share truth with people about listening to the whispers of their bodies thereby minimizing or better yet avoiding the screams. I’ve found a way to improve humanity through transforming human movement to the pain free range. I get to transform what “quality of life” means.Denise D

Josh is one of the most engaging anatomy teachers I've ever had. I realize that anatomy does NOT sound exciting to most people. But Josh has a magical sense of humor and a gift for bringing energy and a-ha to every class. His classes are methodical and logical, and you end up working through a ton of material, yet his teaching feels fresh, completely in the moment, unhurried, and unrehearsed--never rote. I took his three day seminar and it flew by in a blink. Still incorporating many things I learned from him in my own classes. I highly recommend Josh as an instructor!Susan B.

Not only did I gain significant anatomy knowledge from your training, I learned fundamentals about myself. Thank you for helping me tap into my beneath the skin in so very many ways. You break down anatomy and make it understandable almost like Anatomy for Dummies. Your passion, compassion, listening, being with, and connectedness are outstanding.Caitlin S