Welcome to Confessions of Inappropriate Yoga Teachers (#CIYT)! We're really glad you're here. This is a place where Mona Warner and Josh McGirk (also jointly called Mosh McWarner) talk about all things yoga, massage, Ayurveda, running a business and more. We're posting our chats based on the lunar cycle, so you'll see content come out on the new moon and the full moon of every month. We may get adventurous and add some bonus content whenever it strikes our fancy...

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Here's what we're talking about;

  • This month, we talk about receiving and giving feedback, and how sex sells in the yoga world nowadays.
  • Next month, we talk about Failure, Risk and the Finish Line, The Prices, Death and Beer, Hobbies, Jobs and Careers, and Lingo. It's a full month!
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