Men’s Online Pelvic Floor Conference (MOPFC)

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This is a full four week course providing you with information from thirteen different interviews with health care practitioners focused on helping you heal your pelvic floor. We talk about herniation, erectile dysfunction, constipation, low testosterone, testicular pain, Peyronie’s Disease, prostate issues, cancer, and more.

Week one covers the physical pelvic floor with interviews and material specific to help you start feeling the bones, joints and muscles around your own pelvic floor (Anatomy, Massage and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy).

Week two covers diet and how this can be a factor in pelvic floor pain, as well as an ally in healing from the pain (Ayurveda, Chiropractic, and Arvigo with Kathleen).

Week three covers movement and how exercise can let you know when something is wrong, and also how it can help you heal (Reembody, Yoga Therapy and Acupuncture with Jordan).

Week four covers sex, a topic near and dear to all our hearts (Breath, Acupuncture with Cecily, Sex Therapy with Marne).

We have plenty of bonus material included so you have a plan by the time you’ve made it through all the material.

You have 45 days to complete the material, after which all interviews are available on for you to review at your leisure.