Aerial Yoga Manual


By Josh McGirk

Learn to take your practice into the air, and how to teach it to others! This manual includes both silk and hammock aerial yoga modalities. It covers the history and lineage of aerial yoga, as well as pose breakdown, wraps and locks, rigging, waivers and sample classes. It’s a great resource for starting a program at your studio as well as reminding instructors of the versatility of aerial yoga.

About the Instructor

Josh McGirk

I started taking yoga classes at a big gym in my neighborhood in 2000, having had a martial arts background. My favorite instructor suggested I take a teacher training, which at the time seemed idealistic, since I was working as an organic chemist for a big energy company. Here’s hoping you find as much joy in the air as we did in bringing this project to fruition.


Aerial Yoga Manual

By Josh McGirk

Health Benefits

  • Inversions become easy, helping bathe the brain in cerebrospinal fluid, which helps calm the nervous system
  • There is a quick level of success in the fabric, which helps boost morale
  • Students’ upper body strength improves very quickly
  • Students’ flexibility increases quickly
  • There is class and pose versatility with one simple prop which helps in training all muscle groups dynamically
  • This format is accessible to beginners as well as seasoned yogis
  • This format is easily adjustable, with a variety of knot heights for a variety of students

Health Concerns

  • This format is not recommended for prenatal students unless they have previous aerial experience and are not in their third trimester
  • This format is not recommended for students who have unmedicated high or low blood pressure as inversions can change blood pressure quickly
  • This format is not recommended for students prone to motion sickness


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