Āyurvedic Yoga: 3 Approaches to Teaching Āyurvedic Yoga


By Mona L. Warner

Yoga Instructors: Discover how to combine Yoga and Āyurveda to inspire students and deepen the practice!

Ever notice how on windy days, everyone is a little more distracted and it’s hard to focus? How when it’s hot outside, we’re more irritable? And in the middle of winter everyone wants to hibernate?


Āyurvedic Yoga: 3 Approaches to Teaching Āyurvedic Yoga

By Mona L. Warner

Author Mona Warner’s new book, Āyurvedic Yoga: 3 Approaches to Teaching Āyurvedic Yoga, is for yoga teachers who want to keep their classes relevant and inspiring. It encourages teachers to create classes that go beyond poses, using Āyurveda to balance specific aspects of your students’ lives.

Discover how the ancient practice of Yoga and the equally ancient medical science of Āyurveda can be combined in a way that compliment each other while honoring their unique individual elements. Mona shows you how blending these modalities skillfully creates more potency in your Yoga practice.

In this book, you’ll learn how to bring Āyurveda and Yoga together in a meaningful and thoughtful way – a way that turns Yoga practice into Āyurvedic medicine. You’ll learn three unique approaches for bringing Āyurveda into Yoga classes:

  • Guṇas – Qualities of nature: This is the language of Āyurveda and the fundamental concept in its practice. Learn how to translate this into how you choose and teach Yoga.
  • Doṣas – Organizing energies of the body-mind: Increase your students’ well-being by connecting them to the rhythms of nature.
  • Special Topics specific to Āyurveda such as agni, sattva, and ojas.

The ancient wisdom and knowledge provided by Yoga and Āyurveda can inspire and revitalize your personal practice and classes. Join Mona on this journey of blending two powerful and brilliant Vedic sciences to deepen the understanding and practice of both.

Mona Warner is a warm and joyful educator that leads by example. Her depth of knowledge, passion, and dedication to the practices of Āyurveda and Yoga are evident. Mona teaches at the Janati Yoga School in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer, NAMA recognized Āyurvedic-Yoga Therapist, and NAMA Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner.

When she’s not practicing, teaching, or talking about Vedic sciences, you’ll find her eating chocolate with her wonderful husband, enthusiastic dog, and ninja kitten, reading a book on a beach, climbing a mountain in Ireland, or zip lining in Costa Rica.

You can follow her at www.janatiyoga.com.


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